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Raw Indian human hair is collected from temples in the south of India, where it is customary for women to contribute long hair in exchange for prayers. Every month, the Indian temple authorities gather this raw human hair, which is auctioned to Indian hair suppliers and exporters.

Raw Indian hair is unique in the hair extensions market and offers the best value in comparison to other human hair extensions such as Chinese hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and Mongolian human hair extensions because this raw Indian hair has not been processed or treated with any chemicals, resulting in long-lasting and durable hair extensions and wigs made from raw Indian raw human hair.

Our Raw Indian hair is used by top celebrities, and our hair is hand selected onsite. Customers can use it like their own hair, and it's also easy to color and change different unique styles. Another benefit of natural Indian virgin Remy hair extensions is that it's soft and silky, which is why it's so popular in the world hair market. As this is a limited availability Indian hair extensions style, these Raw Indian Remy virgin hair extensions naturally get Indian straight hair, Indian wavy hair, Indian body wavy hair, and Natural curly hair. Indian curly hair extensions are one of the most demanding and popular hair in the Indian virgin Remy hair extensions market.

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We are a well-known Human Hair producer, supplier, and exporter. We provide the highest-quality Indian Human Hair Extensions, Raw Human Hair, Curly Human Hair, Weft Human Hair, Wavy Human Hair, and Virgin Human Hair to our customers all over the world. These are widely utilized in the preparation of high-quality hair extensions of various types and varieties. Thin, short, and lifeless hair benefit from the length provided by our human hair.

They also blend in with the natural hair and add volume. Our products are popular with customers because of their soft, maintainable style, silky feel, and natural appearance. Our goods come in a variety of styles, including body wave, deep curly, straight, kinky curly, and more. Our products are used by a number of well-known beauty salons and make-up artists to achieve various hair styles. We have set up an integrated infrastructure with technologically advanced gear to ensure the manufacturing of the highest quality items, such as Indian Human Hair Extensions.

To maintain a quick production process, our professional workers monitor and improve all of the machinery on a regular basis. Inventory, manufacturing, quality assurance, packaging, and other areas of our infrastructure are separated. This aids us in efficiently processing customer orders. It is because to our strong infrastructure that we are able to stay ahead of our competitors. We make every effort to guarantee that our clients' needs are addressed within a reasonable time frame. In addition, we meet unique client requirements such as delivery timelines, bulk orders, and so on.


Our Products

Chennai Raw weft hair extensions

Chennai Raw weft hair extensions

Hair extensions that are wefted by a machine raw Indian Hair is discussed in conjunction with goods that are sewed or "wefted" together to create a bundle of extensions. To add a reinforced stitch close to the top (root) of the individual strands, loose or "bulk" hair is put through a triple-head Virgin Indian Hair Suppliers sewing machine. To construct the final wefted extensions, the hair is folded over and sewed again. Weft hair extensions are extensions that are attached to a machine. Vendors of virgin Indian hair can be found in our PURE, BOUNCE section. Machine wefted hair extensions, which are often used for permanent extensions (sewn in), are the

foundation for our Studio range of clip-in extensions. Extensions for hair extensions that are hand woofed or hand wefted.

Chennai Raw bulk hair extensions

Bulk hair is used to construct hair extensions, wigs, closures, and other types of hair extensions with no weft. This hair is from India and was shaved from a single donor's head. Generally, bulk hair comes with Gary / dye hair of 10% -15% per kilo to be more specific, for example 10"-14" length. Natural black hair weighing 900gms with 10% grey/dye hair. We are a wholesale supplier of bulk human hair extensions in India, where we produce more than 200kg of hair each month for branding, wigs, and tap-in hair extensions. To purchase wholesale bulk hair extensions and samples, we have created a user-friendly online wholesale cart for you.

Chennai Raw bulk hair extensions
Chennai Raw natural grey hair extensions

Chennai Raw natural grey hair extensions

It goes without saying that raw grey human hair is a very attractive option because to its high quality and numerous styling options. Due to advances in knowledge and techniques for achieving the most realistic and seamless look, Indian grey human hair wigs have become the most popular hair trend in history.

Chennai Raw dye hair extensions

When it comes to Wholesale Hair Extensions dye wigs or hair weaves, there are so many beautiful styles to choose from. If you've ever considered trying a new hair color, the options are practically unlimited, and no style is out of the question.

Chennai Raw blonde hair extensions

If you just want to add volume, raw hair Chennai length, or both, a hair weave is the way to go. Whichever option best suits your hair situation, you can relax knowing you have so many options to choose from. So search around and schedule an appointment with your stylist for raw Indian Hair Suppliers immediately; your next finest hairdo is waiting for you.

Chennai Raw lace closures

Lace Closures are a popular choice among women who take care of their hair. Closures' flexibility and versatility make them suitable for a wide range of hair varieties, including natural, scanty, and permed hair, as well as the less exciting receding hairline.

Chennai Raw lace frontals

The raw hair lace frontals are a new accessory for ladies and girls, and it is now a part of their cosmetics. In today's modern society, most young girls or ladies are tired with their natural hair, and as a result, virgin tresses are becoming increasingly fashionable.

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